Spotsylvania County
Planning Commission
Executive Summary

Meeting Date: August 4, 2021
Title: SUP21-0001 Urfan & Uzair, LLC (Capital Auto) (Battlefield District)
Type: Action, Public Hearing, Power Point Presentation
Agenda Title: SUP21-0001 Urfan & Uzair, LLC (Capital Auto) (Battlefield District)
Recommendation: Staff recommends denial of the request.  Should the Planning Commission deem the request appropriate for approval, staff has provided conditions in the staff report for the Planning Commission's consideration.
Summary: The applicant requests a special use to allow vehicle sale, rental, and ancillary service establishment (small scale) on a parcel consisting of approximately 1.67 acres zoned Commercial 3 (C-3). The parcel is addressed as 4714 Mine Road and is located on the south side of Mine Road (Route 636) approximately 534 feet east of the Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) and Mine Road (Route 636) intersection. The parcel is located in the Primary Development Boundary and the Primary Highway Corridor Overlay District. The property is designated for Commercial Land Use on the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan. Tax Parcel 36-17-A3. Battlefield Voting District.
Committee/Commission Summary:
Review Date: Status:
Financial Impact: N/A
Staff Contacts: Brad Robinson, Planner II
Legal Counsel: Alexandra Spaulding, Senior Assistant County Attorney
Additional Background/Other Considerations: N/A
Consequence of Denial/Inaction: The property may be used or redeveloped as permitted under the Commercial 3 (C-3) District.
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PC_Staff_Report_-_Final_-_07-29-2021.pdf PC Staff Report Staff Report
GDP_4th_Submission.pdf GDP 4th Submission - rev 07-12-21 GDP
Application_-_rev_07-12-21.pdf Application Backup Material
GDP_Narrative_rev_07-12-21.pdf Application Narrative Backup Material
Vehicle_Delivery_Statement_rev_07-12-21.pdf Vehicle Delivery Statement Backup Material
Signed_POA_Affidavit_-_Revised_07-12-21.pdf Power of Attorney Affidavit Backup Material
Project_Summary_SUP21-0001.pdf Project Summary Backup Material
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